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Box: WebDAV access

To access to syncing servicies via WebDAV, and see them in a file manager without installing the client -> wait to load -> index -> do the sync dance just to get one file1, it's priceless2.

I decided to do this because I wanted to do something that needed a FTP. Lately (or always was like that), you can't create a FTP account only, you must create a web site first. Not interested. I don't have a server/computer (proyect pending) acting as a server and install FileZilla. Damnit. I remembered the sync servicies that I have an account with and jumped into using them.

I chose Box. I thought into uploading the files via the web interface, given that the synchronization is a bit bad, but I realized that SugarSync has the "SugarSync Drive" feature, that allows you to access your file through a file manager. I started to search if Box had something similar.

It has FTP access but only for paid accounts. Then I read about WebDAV. Tried to configurate it and, after struggling for minutes, here is how to do it in Windows (7)

Windows Explorer

In "Computer" (the old "My PC"), go to Map network drive

Context menu

Select the drive (doesn't matter apparently), check Reconnect at logon. Click on Connect to a Web site that you use to store...

Configuration window

In the new popup window, select Choose a custom network location

Configuration window

Now the fun part that gave me headaches: the address.

Configuration window

You can input:

  • For the whole folder/account: https://dav.box.com
  • For specific folder: https://dav.box.com/dav/FOLDER

New popup window for log in. Enter the Box user/e-mail and password.

Optional, in the next window rename the folder:

Configuration window

And here is the hardwork done:

Showing mapped drive

If this doesn't work for you, you can use CarotDAV (to view al the servicies in one portable program), the famous Total Commander or BitKinex.


Download BitKinex. Install normally, but I recommend (because I read somewhere) uncheck the "I want to configure data source now" option (apparently does nothing)

Once initiated (yes, it looks very small for some reason), look for Http/WebDAV, right click > New > Http/WebDAV and enter a name.

Creating service

The address is similar to above: dav.box.com, select SSL. Enter user and password:

Configuration window

I also read (optional) that you can include a path in the Site map (don't know why, didn't noticed a difference). You configurate it going to Site Map (under where you're now/Server) and adding/modifyng the path with /dav, picking Directory WebDAV-compliant

Configuration window

And done, you just doble click it to connect:

Service added

Source: Box zendesk

  1. The mayority of people use the servicies as file hosting 

  2. literally. Nowadays, the operative systems have the feature built-in (more, less or not bugged) 

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